Maximizing Formulator’s Tools to Enhance Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Oral Drugs

3/17/2021 12:30 - 13:05

Taking advantage of coupling different technologies can reduce drug development timelines and drive greater long-term success in preclinical and clinical studies for poorly soluble oral drugs. In this talk, learn how to classify new therapeutic drug candidates and identify issues relating to oral product development, anticipate and address challenges early using PBPK modelling, preformulation and formulation tools, as well as how to plan for success in preclinical and early-stage clinical studies.   

  • An overview of the types of tools available and how coupling different technology solutions could improve issues with API form and oral bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds.
  • Utilising technology as an enabler to deliver enhanced bioavailable drug to rescue failing projects
  • Insights to physiologically based pharmacokineitc modeling (PBPK) by discussing the way a company ought to approach drug absorption challenges.
  • Understanding how to seamlessly integrate candidate selection, optimal form assessment, bioavailability enhancement, and cGMP clinical materials delivery for less re-work and better solutions.

Stephen Tindal, Director of Science & Technology, Catalent