On-Body Infuser for Large Molecules up to 20 mL

3/16/2021 15:30 - 16:05

Sensile Medical, a Gerresheimer company, is a leader in advanced micropump technology that develops a wide range of customized drug delivery platforms and dosage solutions. Now, Sensile also offers solutions for large molecules. The SenseAir technology is the core of this newly developed product group. The presentation will demonstrate the physical principle of the SenseAir technology and the technical implementation into a 10 mL on-body infusion device. It will show how the smart SenseAir technology enables a highly competitive device design in terms of robustness, reliability, cost, compactness and scalability. The concept provides an easy-to-assemble cartridge mechanism. The cartridge can be assembled into the device in the production facility where the cartridge has been filled by just one more handling step. This feature may be crucial for successful handling of sensitive drugs together with the device.

Dr. Ines Rüstenberg, Director Development, Sensile Medical, a Gerresheimer company