Improving Delivery of Poorly Soluble Compounds with Science-led Integrated Programs

3/16/2021 12:15 - 12:50

Improving solubility remains one of the greatest barriers to successful Drug Delivery. Pharmaceutical formulation scientists have an increasing range of technologies and novel platform approaches available to support successful solubility enhancement. Such technologies cannot be successful in isolation. Moving a molecule quickly towards application as a medicine requires a strategy underpinned by a fundamental understanding of the compound itself, and critically a formulation strategy that does not rely solely on potentially misleading in-vitro data. The ability to screen a range of technologies and dosage forms using physicochemical screening, biopharmaceutics to understand developability and ‘real time’ human PK data positions the drug development pathway for success. This presentation explores solubility challenges and discusses the benefits of integrating programs in order to deliver success.

Sarah Stevens, Vice President, Drug Development Sciences , Quotient Sciences