Parenteral Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides using Biodegradable Silica Matrix

3/15/2021 12:25 - 13:00

Parenteral delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides using biodegradable silica.

DelSiTech Silica Matrix is an advanced delivery technology for parenteral and local administration of injectable depot, implant and eye drop dosage forms. The proprietary technology is based on Silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2) Matrix into which the active ingredient is embedded. The matrix can be designed to biodegrade at the required rate to assure a tightly controlled release of the active substance over extended periods of time, providing a unique therapeutic effect in situ and causing low systemic and local adverse events compared to alternative delivery systems.

The dissolution of the matrix takes place mainly through an erosion mechanism. The biodegradation process does not change the pH within silica gel nor in the surrounding tissue in contrast to most commonly used alternative drug delivery matrices. The Silica Matrix is inert and can stabilize the APIs, from small molecules to large proteins.

In this presentation we will review the case of parenteral delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides using biodegradable silica, and how non-porous silica matrix can provide long-acting protein

Frederic Dargelas, Director, Head of Business Development and Alliance Management, DelSiTech