Minitablets – a Patient Centric Dosage Form

3/15/2021 12:25 - 13:00

  • There is a significant unmet need to formulate medicines that are easy to administer to children to optimize acceptance, encourage adherence and improve health outcomes.
  • Minitablets can be one of the solutions also for elderly patients and those suffering dysphagia. Flexibility for dose adjustments is another key advantage to be underlined.
  • Thanks to recent guidelines, scientific findings and a growing understanding of children swallowing capability, Minitablets are more and more considered a popular patient centric solution, especially when administered as a sprinkle.
  • On the other side Regulatory Authorities raised their concerns about the practice of sprinkling and mixing drugs with liquids and soft food, potentially impacting the bio-pharmaceutical properties of the drug product.
  • An alternative and compliant dosing vehicle should be therefore identified in order to maintain the possibility to administer Minitablet, but more in general small multiparticulates, as a sprinkle, when swallowing difficulties can have an impact on therapy adherence.

Luigi Boltri, Ph.D., Senior. Director Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Support and New Technologies, , Adare Pharma Solutions