Enabling a Flexible Autoinjector Platform for the Delivery of High Viscosity or High-Volume Parenteral Formulations

3/15/2021 12:25 - 13:00

Injectable drugs are expected to be the largest growth segment within drug delivery in the coming decade. Most of this growth is driven by the continued development of new biologic drugs and biosimilars. Biologics tend to have high dosage mass, higher viscosity and aggregate at higher concentrations. Balancing formulation stability, manufacturability, pharmacokinetics and injectability can be a great challenge.

As the industry moves towards self-administration to reduce healthcare costs and improve convenience for patients, there is a compelling need for simple-to-use, low-cost disposable devices for domestic use. Considerations for the secondary packaging often comes very late in the development process, diminishing the number of viable options.

Oval has developed an autoinjector technology to offer flexibility in early-stage development by allowing for the delivery of either high viscosity or high-volume biologic formulations. The system uses Oval’s proprietary cyclic olefin technology and is lubricant free. Optimisation for extremely high pressures means the system is able to achieve performance not possible with traditional glass primary packaging.

Alex Vasiev, Manager of Device Development , Oval Medical Technologies