Dissolvable Microarray Patch Systems – Microneedles That Are Able to Meet The Content Uniformity Requirements

3/15/2021 10:20 - 10:55

Different microneedle systems are in discussion for industrial application. Only a few seem to be able to meet the regulatory standards of pharmaceutical drug products. One of these systems are dissolvable microneedles. Due to the unique manufacturing process and the simple way of incorporating the API in the needle polymer, this system tackles the challenges of content uniformity far better compared to the other microneedle systems. Process development data suggests that dissolvable microneedle systems show content uniformity comparable to standard dosage forms. Data that brings this technology one step closer to the market.

Sebastian Braun, Director - Head of Formulation Development and Head of Manufacturing for Innovative Injection Systems, LTS LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG