Connected Drug Delivery Devices and their Role in Enabling a Flexible Care Setting

3/15/2021 08:50 - 09:35

Today, in times of increasing pressure on global healthcare systems and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of improved drug delivery to reduce dosing complexity is broadly recognized. Especially for biotherapeutics that need to be dosed parenterally, product optimizations that facilitate a flexible care setting in which patients can choose the place of drug administration are increasingly in the focus of manufacturers, regulators, payers, and healthcare providers. In this context, subcutaneous dosing alternatives to intravenous infusions and ready-to-use device technologies have been demonstrated to reduce administration related costs and resources.

A key requirement when it comes to parenteral administration outside of a controlled healthcare setting is that patients and lay caregivers understand the administration procedure and still adhere to the treatment regimen. So-called connected devices and accompanying health apps may play a pivotal role in ensuring drug administration outside of a clinic and in enabling early treatment decisions by ensuring an ongoing dialogue between the patient and healthcare provider.

The presentation will discuss the evolution of drug delivery technologies that facilitate administration of biotherapeutics. The opportunities and challenges of connected drug delivery devices in supporting a flexible care setting will be discussed.

Beate Bittner, Product Optimization Franchise Leader, Roche