SynBiosys Microparticles for the Development of Long-Acting Injectable Formulations for Biological Therapeutics

3/11/2020 10:20 - 10:55

There is an increasing need for patient-friendly delivery of biological therapeutics to treat chronic and site-specific diseases. Demonstrating excellent control over release kinetics and well preserved bioactivity of protein therapeutics, InnoCore’s SynBiosys biodegradable polymeric microparticle technology combines all the features required for long-acting injectable (LAI) formulations for biologics. This talk will address the typical challenges in development of LAI formulations for biologics and give an update on InnoCore’s SynBiosys microparticle technology. Examples showcasing the development and manufacturing of LAI SynBiosys microparticle formulations for various peptide and protein therapeutics and their application in the treatment of chronic and site-specific diseases will be provided.

Rob Steendam, Chief Technology Officer, InnoCore Pharmaceuticals