Processing Strategies to Prepare Poorly Soluble Drug Compounds by Nanotechnological Formulation Approaches

3/11/2020 11:45 - 12:20

Identifying the most appropriate formulation and processing strategy of poorly soluble drugs is a challenging task for most pharmaceutical companies. It involves deep knowledge about the interaction of drug compound and added excipients and their respective physico-chemical properties. In most cases, the preparation process of stable compounds is initiated by modelling the interaction of drug and excipient as well as by experimental screening procedures in order to determine the most promising drug-excipient combinations. Besides selecting the right materials, the employed process technology is essential as well in order to produce stable and safe amorphous or nanotechnological drug formulations.

Invite GmbH, located in Cologne, Germany, and the Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDIC), a consortium of pharmaceutical companies as well as material and equipment manufacturers, are addressing challenges as described above in order to develop new routes for producing solid dosage forms of poorly soluble drugs.

Please note that this will be a remote presentation

Werner Hoheisel, Group Lead Formulation Technologies, Invite