Transdermal Therapeutic Systems - Still an Attractive Technology?!

3/9/2020 11:35 - 12:10

Alternative drug delivery methods form an important part of the current global pharmaceutical market and its differing patient profiles and needs. Increasingly drug manufacturers and patients are looking at innovative and diverse drug delivery methods to reach the needs of a wider demographic.
TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic Systems) are an important sphere of drug delivery, and one which should be considered alongside more traditional methods of delivery such as oral or parenteral. TTS provide a wide range of benefits which includes easy self-administration; minimal pain levels; constant infusion-type delivery; avoid hepatic first-pass effect; reduce side effects; and dose reduction and, amongst others.
The presentation will show the characteristics and advantages of TTS in relation to the feasibility of its usage to better/alternatively administer pharmaceutical actives and the novel possibilities to assess these advantages. The history of the market success of TTS and the reasons therefore will be explored as well as an outlook given on what is coming next in transdermal drug delivery.

Dr. Marco Emgenbroich, Corporate Vice President Head of Pharmaceutical Development I R&D , LTS Lohmann