Summary of Six Years of Progress in the Oral Biopharmaceutics Area – the EU/IMI project OrBiTo

3/9/2020 12:15 - 12:50

OrBiTo is a project in the area of oral biopharmaceutics tools that included world leading scientist from nine universities, one regulatory agency, one non-profit research organisation, three small/medium sized specialist technology companies together with twelve pharmaceutical companies. The OrBiTo project aimed to deliver a framework for rational application of predictive biopharmaceutics tools for oral drug delivery. 

This was achieved through novel prospective investigations to define new methodologies or refinement of existing tool. Extensive validation has been performed of novel and existing biopharmaceutics tools by using historical datasets from industry partners. A combination of high quality in vitro and in silico characterizations of active drugs and formulations have been integrated into physiologically based in silico biopharmaceutics models capturing the full complexity of gastrointestinal drug absorption. This approach has given an unparalleled opportunity to deliver transformational change in European industrial research and development towards model based pharmaceutical product development in accordance with visions model-informed drug development.

Please note that this will be a remote presentation

Bertil Abrahamsson, Senior Principal Scientist , AstraZeneca