Injectability Modelling for Arbitrary Drug Delivery Devices

3/9/2020 12:15 - 12:50

The Injectability of a drug delivery device is a key performance parameter that refers to the force required to inject a given solution at a given amount of time. The development of drug formulations with higher viscosities on the one hand and the desire of patients to employ smaller needles on the one hand pose great challenges for current and future device developments. Conventionally, a series of experimental tests is performed to ensure adequate injectability, which is usually associated with substantial time and costs. Experimental testing furthermore requires components to be physically available in order to be analyzed, which is often not the case in early development phases.  In this talk, an approach to virtually predict the injectability of an arbitrary drug delivery device by using a customizable simulation model is presented.

Nima Aghajari, Senior Simulation Engineer, Sanofi