Drug Delivery Across Biological Barriers for Combatting and Preventing Infectious Diseases

3/9/2020 10:10 - 10:45

Infectious diseases are on the raise and increasing challenge to human health with mortality rates predicted to soon exceed those of cancer and other diseases. While antimicrobial resistance is increasing, the number of new antibiotics and even the number of companies engaging in those is decreasing. Besides the need for new targets and molecules for anti-infective compounds, such as e.g. pathoblockers, there is also a need to deliver those across biological barriers preventing access to the target site. Relevant barriers in this context are the body’s outer epithelia, in particular of the gut, the skin and the lung, but also host cell membranes, the bacterial cell envelope as well as non-cellular barriers, such as mucus and bacterial biofilm. The lecture will provide an introduction into this emerging field of drih delivery research research with focus on novel nanomedicines as innovative human cell- and tissue models as alternative to animal testing

Claus-Michael Lehr, Head of the Department Drug Delivery, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland