An Integrated Approach to Rapidly Advancing Poorly Bioavailable Compounds to the Clinic

3/9/2020 14:30 - 15:05

  • Integration of active pharmaceutical ingredient synthesis and drug product development activities
  • Technology selection for poorly soluble molecules based on physical-chemical properties
  • Rapid advancement of poorly soluble compounds to the clinic
  • Case studies
Currently it is estimated that over 70% of compounds in development are poorly soluble and require solubility enhancement to orally absorbed.  Furthermore, a significant fraction of these assets are held by small-to-medium sized biotechnology companies that often lack resources and “bricks and mortar” to independently drive the compounds to the clinic and beyond.  In this talk we will discuss an integrated offering that has been developed to help biopharma rapidly advance poorly soluble assets to the clinic using an integrated approach that leverages in silico predictions and bulk sparing laboratory tests to develop clinically-ready formulations with a line of sight to commercial production.

David Lyon, Senior Fellow, Research, Lonza