Formulation Design and Evaluation of Low Dose Aspirin Loaded Wafers for Oral / Buccal Delivery in Geriatric Patients With Dysphagia

3/13/2019 14:45 - 15:20

Recent studies have reported that dysphagia is an increasing problem among ageing population who are a growing demographic. Therefore alternative solutions specifically tailored to the special needs of older populations, are required by enhancing the development of novel delivery systems and doses. Composite freeze-dried wafers comprising combinations of metolose (MET), carrageenan (CAR), and low molecular weight chitosan (CS) have been developed for potential delivery of low dose aspirin via the oral route and buccal mucosa. Optimised wafers have been functionally characterised using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, mechanical strength, in vitro mucoadhesion, swelling capacity, drug dissolution and release, in vivo taste masking, permeation of aspirin released from wafers using three different models (ex-vivo and in-vitro).  Overall the optimised lyophilised DL wafers seems to be a very promising system for the administration of low dose aspirin for older patients with dysphagia.