Small is the New Big: Case Studies of two Nanotech Products from Lab to Market

3/12/2019 11:45 - 12:20

  • Self-assembly strategies for insoluble drug delivery
  • Fast disintegrating particles in bio-systems
  • Uncompromised pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy
  • Data package bridge enabling approval
  • IP protection
Take Home Message: Critical role of drug delivery technology in differentiation without


Poor aqueous solubility is the most trivial looking problem in the pharmaceutical world. The sheer number of technologies reported in literature is mind boggling. The space has become increasingly crowded with hundreds of buzz words. The challenge is to navigate through those complexities and constraints to derive a new idea that translates to a product. Another challenge is also to protect the scope of the idea i.e. creating reasonable space within the narrow space.  The presentation will cover case studies of two nanotechnologies, one from the oncology and the other from ophthalmology space which has successfully navigated a path from ideation to the market passing through stringent or moderately stringent toxicology and clinical tests. Technologies are quite different yet based on common knowledge of physical chemistry driving the self-assembly phenomenon. Both of them solve solubility problem yet are distinct in their application and approach to solve patient compliance problem.