New Silicone-Free Plunger Option for Delivery of Sensitive Biologics in Bare Glass Pre-Filled Syringes

3/12/2019 14:40 - 15:15

The industry predicts that 10-15% of large molecules (biologics) are sensitive to silicone.  With the logarithmic rise in biologic molecules in the pipeline, there is a technical need for alternative packages that are free of silicone.  Gore has commercialized a silicone free, PTFE-based fluoropolymer encased plunger that enables BARE glass syringes for sensitive large molecules (biologic and conjugate vaccines).  This technology eliminates silicone oil, cross-linked silicone, baked-on silicone from the primary package.  Data will be presented to show the logarithmic reduction in particles and more consistent injection time across aging conditions.  Eliminating the silicone also removes a significant root cause of protein aggregation and conjugated vaccine precipitation.