Mesoporous Silica: An Option for Liquisolid Systems

3/12/2019 14:40 - 15:15

Adsorption on solid adsorbent carriers is one of the emerging techniques for delivery of oils, solubilisers and lipids. Carriers should display high surface area, strong adsorption capacity, ease of processing and generation of liquid loaded free flowing powder which can easily be processed to solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules and sachets. Hence, solid adsorbents are increasingly gaining the attention of formulators for design of oil & lipid based oral drug delivery system. The ideal carrier is one which demonstrates maximum release of adsorbed component in GI tract to initiate drug dissolution and absorption process. In a direction to ensure the same there was a need to develop a new Mesoporous silica gel (MSG) carrier.  We evaluated towards different carriers like Granulated fumed silica(GFS) and Magnesium aluminum silicate (MAS) for its adsorption, desorption and release property. Also the effect of humidity and silanol groups on oil adsorption and desorption was studied. SYLOID®  XDP silicas are engineered with specific pore size, adsorption, and desorptive capacity that creates the ideal carrier for lipids and converts liquid ingredients into free flowing powder