Simplifying Tablet Formulation Strategies with Avicel® SMCC and METHOCEL™ DC2

3/11/2019 14:40 - 15:15

  • Excipients play an important role for the development of streamlined and improved production processes like direct compression and continuous manufacturing of tablets.
  • Avicel® SMCC is a silicified microcrystalline cellulose derived from co-processing MCC and colloidal silicon dioxide (SiO2). The co-processing yields in a high-functional excipient that exhibits performance attributes unmatched by a simple blend of MCC and SiO2 like optimum flow, superior compactability, and excellent binding properties. It is therefore the binder of choice for direct compression and continuous manufacturing.
  • METHOCEL™ DC2 is a pure Hypromellose for sustained release matrix tablets which was engineered by designing the particles morphology to improve flow without the use of additives or additional granulation steps.
  • In case studies the benefits of Avicel® SMCC and METHOCEL™ DC2 for enhanced productive processes for immediate and sustained release oral solid dosage forms are shown.