Oral Thin Films – Tailoring Therapy Need

3/11/2019 12:25 - 13:00

Oral drug delivery technologies form an important part of the pharmaceutical industry representing the largest share of the overall market. In particular oral transmucosal drug delivery systems have recently gained a lot of attention. One of the key driving factors is the preference for non- invasive routes of drug delivery. Although oral thin films have been available in the forms of breath freshening strips, vitamin strips and other over-the-counter products for the past two decades, pharmaceutical companies have recently directed their focus towards formulating prescription products into oral thin films.

Oral mucosal drug delivery provide several advantages over traditional oral drug delivery methods such as the ease of self-administration, increased bioavailability, rapid onset of action, no water required and improved patient compliance. Oral thin films provide fast accurate dosing and are expected to increase compliance, especially among elders and children. Given the specific advantages offered by these films and their ability to overcome the current unmet needs, the future holds significant potential.

This presentation will show the components and science of OTFs and how it can be used to provide a genuine alternative to current drug delivery methods – and be considered as a genuine alternative dosage form.

Features and benefits of using OTFs to address disease areas will be discussed, highlighting the market potential and increased market share associated with the development of the product.