How Next-Generation Biotherapeutics will Influence Formulation and Device Development

3/11/2019 08:50 - 09:25

In the last couple of years the development of Biotherapeutics moved away from standard monoclonal antibodies to more complex formats, which led to the need of miniaturized and high throughput screening systems in the early stage of formulation development. Also the need for predictive tools like in-silico today plays an important role in the formulation development. At the same time the need for patient self-administration got to play a very important role, not necessary limited anymore to a few indication areas. Based on novel constructs the probability for high concentrated formulations might be limited and therefore high volume devices are taking a more important role.  Also co-formulations of multiple monoclonal antibodies into a single drug product brings certainly convenience to the patients, however brings also the need for new analytical methods. At the same time it can also be observed a trend to advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMPs), which is a new area and the pharmaceutical development of such compounds is challenge.