Silicones for drug infusion devices - From hospital to wearable: how silicones are used at different scales to help patients live a normal life


This e-book presents an overview of the medical, industrial, compliance and economic advantages and challenges in the use of silicone materials in Infusion as a method of drug delivery. The unique properties of silicones along with their longstanding, proven track record in medical applications, can enable innovative solutions that improve the quality and efficacy of infusion care.

Silicones for drug infusion devices

Silicones are a big part of helping patients live normal lives with subcutaneous infusion devices, but many medical device developers and pharma techs aren’t yet using it regularly.

In this white paper, Elkem Silicones has shown the research around why silicones are not just a material option, but the superior material for your drug infusion devices, due to its durability and efficiency. From the shell around the device itself to soft adhesives for devices worn close to the body to valves and pumps for things like continual glucose monitoring and wearable insulin – silicone is really changing the way devices are developed, and increasing their longevity.

Download this white paper to see how you can partner with Elkem Silicones to create a bespoke solution that improves the lives of your end users around the world.