11th Global Drug delivery & Formulation Summit brochure is live


The DDF Summit brings together leading formulation development and drug delivery scientists from both industry and academia to share and discuss their latest work.

In the brochure you will find 50+ sessions
In the brochure you will find 50+ sessions
If you're looking to discover new technologiesoptimize formulation development, boost deliverability and crack the challenges in patient compliance, the Summit is the place to be. It gives you the chance to not only sharpen your strategies and boost your pharmaceutical development, but also to mingle with top industry professionals and make valuable connections.

Key themes for the 11th Global Drug delivery & Formulation Summit include:

  • New modalities research opportunities and challenges
  • Personalised therapies, mRNA, Cell and gene therapies
  • Analytical techniques for biotherapeutics
  • 3D printing, flexible manufacturing techniques, continuous manufacturing
  • Multivariate analysis techniques, production process optimisation, digitalisation of pharmaceutical development
  • mAb and bispecific formulation development
  • Oral delivery of biologics and other routes
  • Device development, microneedles, connected devices
  • Integrating human factors into device development, behavioural design


Author: Global DDF Summit