Marc Heitz, Roche
Marc Heitz

Marc Heitz attended studies in chemistry and pharmacology across multiple geographies and completed his PhD in chemistry and molecular science at the University of Bern (Switzerland) in January 2018. During his PhD he worked on the design, synthesis and evaluation of peptide dendrimer for the delivery and transfection of nucleic acids and anticancer drugs. Followed by a stay in the same group as Postdoctoral fellow to continue the above-mentioned project on dendrimers in addition to a collaboration with Lonza on the computer aided discovery of new antimicrobials. Marc joined Roche in October 2019 as a Postdoctoral fellow in PTDE-P in which he investigated commercially available surfactants and rationally designed a wide selection to improve therapeutic protein formulations. Then, starting from April 2022, he pursued as a Scientist in the Ocular & Drug Delivery Chapter working on the port delivery platform (PDP) and the development of ocular in vitro models and formulations.