Wafa Al-Jamal, Queen’s University Belfast, School of Pharmacy
Wafa Al-Jamal
Professor of Advanced Nanotherapeutics
Queen’s University Belfast, School of Pharmacy

Wafa Al-Jamal is a Professor of Advanced Nanotherapeutics at the School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University Belfast. She completed her PhD in Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine in 2008 from the School of Pharmacy, University of London. Prof. Al-Jamal’s main research interest focuses on engineering novel nanomaterials for biomedical applications. Her current research aims to design smart vectors to deliver a wide range of therapeutic agents and targeting moieties and to fabricate multifunctional nanoparticles for combinatory therapy and theranostic applications. Her long-term research career is to facilitate the translation of nanoparticle-based therapeutics from the lab to the clinic. Prof. Al-Jamal is the GSK Emerging Scientist Award winner for 2015 and Gro Brundtland Award winner for 2017. Her multidisciplinary research has been funded by the Royal Society, Prostate Cancer UK, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Rosetrees Trust, and Phospholipid Research Centre.