Glenn Svedberg, Nolato Group
Glenn Svedberg
Group Sustainability & Technical Director
Nolato Group

Glenn has spent over 30 years in the manufacturing industry, in managerial, mainly commercial roles. He started at Volvo Group in 1990 as a trainee in Purchasing, continued 1994 to Ericsson as a Marketing manager for a production unit. Then moved over to the contract electronics manufacturing industry where he in 1999 joined Flex northern Europe assuming a role as Business Development Director. At Flex he had different roles leading up to become Managing Director and responsible for the Scandinavian operations with some 1400 people in 5 factories. In 2005 he moved over to the plastic packaging industry and joined Rexam (today part of Berry Global) as a Managing Director for sites in Sweden and Denmark. Since 2007 he has been part of Nolato and served as Managing Director for Nolato Cerbo as well as Head of Pharma Packaging and located in UK for two years when integrating Nolato Jaycare 2012-2014. He is dedicated to lean principles as well as quality and for four years, in parallel to his MD role, he was between 2017-2021 leading the Medical Excellence program across all Medical Solutions sites, globally. He has a genuine interest in sustainable development and been laying the foundation for the ambitious Sustainable Development that has taken Nolato to a position as leading actor in the Industry. In June 2021 he assumed the combined role as Group Sustainability Director at Nolato Group and Vice President Global Business Development for Medical Solutions and since 2023 he is leading Nolato Technical Design Centers globally in three regions, Europe, North America and Asia.