Andreas Seidl, Formycon AG
Andreas Seidl
Chief Scientific Officer
Formycon AG

Dr. Andreas Seidl has more than 23 years of experience in development of biosimilars and innovative biologics in the pharma industry. He is Chief Scientific Officer at Formycon AG/Munich and chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Leukocare AG. As CSO he is responsible for the overall scientific strategy of Formycon, a leading developer of biosimilar products. In the management board he is accountable for pre-clinical and clinical development of pipeline of the company. Before joining Formycon he was from 2019 to 2022 COO at Leukocare AG/Munich, a biotech company combining innovative drug product development strategies with data sciences. In the managing board of Leukocare he was responsible for research & development activities, intellectual property and quality management. Until 2019 he held different local and global positions at Hexal AG, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals and Novartis in the area of analytical & pharmaceutical development and quality control of biopharmaceuticals. In the early days of biosimilars he coordinated the pioneering analytical and pharmaceutical development activities of the first wave of biosimilars and contributed to the development and approval of in total eight biosimilar products and also NBEs. He holds a Ph.D. in the area of protein analysis and mass spectrometry from the University of Constance/Germany where he also studied chemistry.