Andrew Bright, Croda Pharma
Andrew Bright
Research and Technology Specialist
Croda Pharma

Andrew Bright join Croda in January 2023 as a Technology Specialist within the Pharma Group focusing on Protein Delivery and Formulation. Andrew’s previous experience includes Principal Scientist in Formulation & Lyophilization at CPI, he Joined CPI in November 2020 as Team Leader in Analytical Formulation Development at CPI specializing in the formulation, fill-finish, analytical development, and manufacturing development of liquid and freeze-dried biologics products. He was also held a Senior Scientist position at the Biopharma Group in which he developed freeze-dried formulations and conducted freeze-drying cycle development, training, and consultancy. And spent two years as a Senior Scientist for Pfizer within liquid formulations specializing in freeze-dried formulation design, process development, and scale-up. Andrew has developed formulations and manufacturing process for a wide variety of products ranging from vaccines, proteins, LNPs, Exosomes, Mammalian and Bacterial cells, small molecules, and other novel therapeutics. Andrew received his Ph.D. from the University of Bradford. There, he was investigating vaccine formulations with the thesis title "Mechanistic Insights into the Stabilization of Biopharmaceutical Using Glycine Derivatives" and holds a MChem in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science.