Dr. Otmane Boussif, Anjarium Biosciences AG
Dr. Otmane Boussif
Chief Technical Officer
Anjarium Biosciences AG

Dr. Otmane Boussif, currently serving as the Chief Technical Officer at Anjarium Biosciences AG, a company developing a new cell-free synthetic DNA platform for Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) modalities production. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Boussif has played pivotal roles in various leading companies. At Novartis, he held several significant positions, including Global Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Technical Development and Global Head of Early Phase Development. His expertise spans biologics, CGT process development, characterization, and validation. Dr. Boussif’s leadership has been instrumental in successfully advancing projects from preclinical stages to commercialization and life cycle management (LCM). He earned his Doctorate in Science from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France. Throughout his career, Dr. Boussif has contributed to over 50 projects and holds multiple patents in the field of biologics and cell & gene therapy. His extensive experience and contributions have significantly impacted the industry, establishing him as a highly respected figure in the field.