A Transition from Batch to Continuous Mixing

3/23/2022 10:30 - 11:00

Stimulated by Pharma 4.0, the pharmaceutical industry is changing their production processes from batch-wise to continuous operation.

Part of this transition is the re-design of individual processing steps to continuous operation. Mixing is such a step, which is performed to enable the manufacture of homogeneous doses into a tableting machine.

Key criteria of mixing is to create a homogeneous blend of API and excipients, to enable a dosage form which delivers the API consistently and safely.

In a batch process, ingredients are dispensed in large blenders and the blend is jointly introduced to the next unit of operation.

In continuous blending however, there is a continuous feed of ingredients into the blender and continuous removal of the bled towards the next unit of operation.

The current presentations examines the links and the differences between a batch and a continuous blending process.

The content uniformity from blends produced with batch and continuous mixing are compared.

It is shown that continuous mixing could be beneficial for achieving good content uniformity and that less process optimization is required to ensure homogeneous mixtures.

Additionally, the effect of over-lubrication during compression is compared for the two processes.

Dr. Sara Fathollahi, Product Application Specialist, Oral Solid Dosage, DFE Pharma