Creating the Future of Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancement with Apisolex™ and Apinovex™ Polymers

3/22/2022 14:30 - 15:00

As many as 90% of new APIs suffer from poor aqueous solubility and/or bioavailability, creating significant challenges for drug formulators. While there are excipients and techniques available to address these issues, they often have low efficiency and lead to complex manufacturing processes or undesired side effects for patients.

Lubrizol Life Science Health’s injectable-grade Apisolex™ and oral-grade Apinovex™ polymers were designed to overcome poor solubility and unlock the future of drug delivery. Join us to learn how Apisolex and Apinovex polymers enable:

  • Efficient parenteral and oral delivery of low solubility compounds
  • Development of patent-protected formulations for new chemical entities (NCEs) and differentiated 505(b)(2) products
  • Simple, scalable manufacturing processes using readily available equipment
  • High drug loading and stability benefits versus other excipients, demonstrated by experimental data with model APIs

Nick DiFranco, MEM, Global Market Segment Manager for Oral Treatments, Lubrizol Life Science Health

Joey Glassco, Senior Global Market Manager for Parenteral Drug Delivery, Lubrizol Life Science Health

Robert W. Lee, President of the CDMO Division, Lubrizol Life Science Health