ChemoSeed®: An implantable drug delivery technology for the localised treatment of High Grade Gliomas

3/22/2022 11:50 - 12:20

  • High grade gliomas (HGGs) are difficult to treat due to the presence of the blood brain barrier
  • Current standard of care involves surgical resection with most recurrence occurring within 5mm of the original tumour
  • This provides an opportunity for delivery of a high local dose of chemotherapy to the resection margin
  • We previously investigated the local delivery of Irinotecan (IRN) into the resection cavity in a Phase I clinical trial with toxicity issues and slight improvement in survival.  However, the drug was removed from the cavity within 5o hours
  • ChemoSeed was developed to be implanted directly into the resection cavity margin and deliver 0.11mg of IRN for at least 7 days.
  • Up to 60 seeds would be implanted 3mm deep into the resection cavity with a 3mm spacing between each seed.
  • 30% w/w  IRN-loaded ChemoSeeds showed only signs of mild toxicity, with no necrosis of brain tissue or the typical systemic toxicities associated with IRN.
  • 30% w/w IRN-loaded ChemoSeeds resulted in 148 day survival in mice, with no sign of tumour recurrence
  • ChemoSeed offers a novel treatment option to improve the survival of HGG patients with no increase in toxicity.

Dr. Chris McConville, Chief Scientific Officer, Extruded Pharmaceuticals Ltd