Supercharging Proteins with Multivalent Excipients is a Much More Effective Strategy for Increasing Aggregation Resistance than Using Mutagenesis

3/21/2022 09:40 - 10:10

  • A panel of scFv mutant proteins have been studied using multiple techniques for characterizing their aggregation properties
  • Supercharging proteins by mutagenesis greatly reduces aggregate growth rates, but enhances formation of small aggregates due to reducing conformational stability.
  • Aggregation behaviour for multiple proteins has been investigated in solutions with different types of multivalent ionic excipients
  • Poly-phosphate ions (adenosine tri-phosphate, tri-polyphosphate) are promising excipients due to their  superior effectiveness at suppressing aggregate growth, and in some instances, increasing conformational stability
  • A set of rules are provided for choosing ionic excipients to increase shelf stability of biopharmaceuticals.

Robin Curtis, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester