Process Intensification of Solid Oral Dosage Forms Manufacturing via Semi-Continuous Fluidized Bed Granulation

3/21/2022 17:15 - 18:00

  • Bayer’s rationale and approach to intensify manufacturing processes of solid oral dosage forms
  • Strategic partnership with Syntegon to advance semi-continuous fluidized bed granulation
  • Consistency of sub-lot quality in semi-continuous fluidized bed granulation processes
  • Practical aspects of semi-continuous fluidized bed granulation equipment, e.g. cleaning procedures

Continuous manufacturing processes have been gaining in importance in the pharmaceutical industry for various reasons such as greater flexibility in terms of batch size, smaller footprint of the equipment, lower investment costs, lower drug substance consumption for process development and avoidance of scale-up risks and efforts.  These advantages are also fully met by intensified semi-continuous process such as Syntegon’s XELUM fluidized bed granulation technology.

Adrian Funke, Head of CMC Predictive Development Bayer Science Fellow, Bayer