New Insights in the Endothelial Transport of Orally Administered PEGylated Mixed Micelles

3/21/2022 11:35 - 12:05

  • Mixed micelles from bile acids and phospholipids are currently used as oral formulations for poorly soluble drugs including vitamin K. 
  • PEGylation improves the gastrointestinal colloidal stability and mucus penetration of mixed micelles. 
  • PEGylated mixed micelles interact with Scavenger Receptor B1, imposing a mechanism for intestinal transport that may be used for other poorly soluble drugs. 
  • Animal studies indicate that PEGylated mixed micelles may especially be useful to improve oral bioavailability in patients suffering from cholestasis. 

Rene Van Nostrum, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University