How Will AI and Machine-Learning Technologies Change our Industry?

3/21/2022 08:50 - 09:35

  • Digitalization starts in the labs where the data is produced – better invest in tablets for technicians than invest in the next big AI promise on the horizon?
  • The carrot: Try-out and implement advanced data analytics in very limited but easily overseeable use cases first
  • The stick: Proper data management is key to any digitalization effort!
  • Making the data FAIR creates already a first business value for data-driven drug product development
  • Big application use case for AI in drug product development?
  • Data wrangling: the 80-20 data science dilemma

Sebastian Kube, Senior Data Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim

Sune Andersen, Principal Scientist in Particle Engineering, Janssen

Lorenzo Gentiluomo, Associate Principal Scientist, Lonza