Extended-Release Depot Technologies and Advanced Delivery Modalities Utilizing Lactide-Glycolide Chemistry

3/21/2022 12:10 - 12:55

  • Polymer chemistry, formulation formats and tuning release profiles
    • Effective processing of bioresorbable polymers
    • Customized ViatelTM polymers & complimentary excipients
  • Advanced delivery modalities utilizing bioresorbable polymers
    • New approaches to in-situ forming depot technologies
    • Nano-particle technologies

This presentation will provide scientists and technical stakeholders working in drug delivery with a detailed overview on an exciting extended-release technology platform for parenteral applications based on bioresorbable polymers (lactide, glycolide, caprolactone chemistries and some novel PEGylated variants for newer/complex delivery needs).

The session will explore control mechanisms, demonstrating how theoretical chemistry is coupled with formulation knowledge in different formulation formats including in-situ forming implants, microspheres/nanoparticles and pre-formed solid implants to successfully accomplish extended-release drug delivery over periods of days, weeks and up to several months. Ashland will also highlight how customized and novel chemistries can be used to overcome technical development challenges for respective molecule delivery strategies.

Patrick Duffy, R&D Team Leader, Manufacturing Manager for Bioresorbable Polymers, Ashland